How to Prepare for Closing

At Old Florida Title, our team does everything possible to ensure each closing goes as smoothly as possible.  By following these simple tips, you can do your part to help as well. 

  • Bring some form of photo I.D., preferably a driver’s license. This is required in the State of Florida in order to notarize documents. 
  • All funds for closing are required by law to be certified. Certified funds can only be obtained from a bank or credit union. 
  • You may wire funds into our account if you prefer. Wire transfers do take time, so we advise clients to initiate all wires the day before the scheduled closing to insure that funds will be available at the closing. {If you have questions concerning your funds please call us well in advance of the closing date.} 

We will make every possible effort to complete your Settlement Statement at least 24 hours before the closing so that all parties have a chance to review their charges. However, we cannot complete the Buyer’s figures unless we have been given instructions and approval by the Lender. 

We can normally complete the Seller’s Settlement Statement well in advance of the closing; call us if you need the figures sooner than the day before closing.

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